Space Shapes

Rocket Science Simplified!

Space Shapes is a 3D Puzzle game with a gameplay that is a little like Tetris but then again in many aspects much different. The very fact that it makes simplistic use of the 3rd Dimension will make it a refreshing experience in this Arcade Puzzle genre. Space Shapes features realtime 3D graphics and lets you travel through a universe scattered with all kinds of planets. How fast you fly through space and how far you will travel depends all on your skills.

You are on board of a Rocket, cialis with you is little helper robot, diagnosis he makes sure that you will never run out of fuel. But the challenge here is that the fuel shapes that the robot is throwing down need to fit in the corresponding boxes, only then they can get burned down to bring the rocket to the high speed warp mode!

To get the slowly falling down shapes in the right boxes at the bottom you can move all the boxes to the left and right. When a fuel Shape fits it will get sucked into the hole, so that it completes the box and a new box, for you to use, will be created on top of it. You can also make a 3 Dimensional Shape fit for different holes, just rotate it with intuitive swiping. So for instance a cone shape can fit, with the right orientation, into a box with a triangle hole and into a box with a circle hole. If you manage to get a whole a row of boxes filled, the row below will get burned down by the warp drive and your rocket speeds up to over light-speed! Now all your points will get multiplied by 2 and every additional warp mode speed up will even raise that multiplier! With that in mind you can travel enormous distances through space and get you a new Highscore in this unique arcade puzzle game.

Coming Soon.


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