Last Knight

Last Knight is a Joust’em’up-Jump’n'Ride game.
Last Knight strives to bring back good old 3D Platformer gamplay of the PS1/PS2 era and it combines it with fast action arcade elements like the jousting and non stop riding where every obstacle can mean a instant ragdoll simulated death, which reminds of the unforgiving mechanics of Shoot’em’up games. That all is set in a ever changing stylized fantasy world, it uses on the fly random world generation for the arcade mode in which you have to complete a wide range of different quests to increase your chivalry rank. The game comes also wtih a full-fledged story modes that takes your through a journey of training as a squire, defending the kingdom, chasing the dragons, becoming a knight and more while inbetween you have to defeat your Knightmares. You will encounter a wide range of enemies as well as environments, furthermore there are several unique upgradeable power ups and characters/horses with different perks and quests to choose from. Bend the world with the Mutators in all kinds of crazy ways and choose from different view modes for even more variation.
Equipped with a powerful lance its in your hand to battle the Horned Bucket Heads. There will always be only one that can win these jousting duels while the other will feel all the power of a impacting lance, which will send him flying (with Rag-doll physics) through the air. But there are not only Horned Buckets to face, several frightening creatures are lurking in the different environments and they all want to get you from your horse in the most painful manner. So you better try charging at them with your lance and send them flying.Dangerous World
Not only the inhabitants of this fantasy world make it a dangerous place to ride through, a wide range of obstacles need to be avoided. You can navigate around obstacles or jump to avoid a painful death. Often you are also confronted with deep abysses, rivers and other gaps that can only be overcome with a well timed jump. Furthermore you can destroy specific obstacles to make a way for you and your horse. All this might be easy to handle for you at the start but as you gain momentum over time you will also get faster and the environment gets also more dangerous!No Game Is The Same
Don’t worry when you smash your Knight and Horse painfully into something, just play again in a new assembled world in a matter of seconds. The world is randomly created as you play, the more you progress the more difficult the world gets assembled. Various dynamic objects, that have to be taken care of and increasing speed do the rest to really challenge even the best players. There are 6 different fantasy environment themes and they are more then just visual variation. The Forest environment for instance will challenge you mostly in navigating around trees while the isles theme will have you mostly jump from platform to platform. There are also lots of coins and treasures to get and their content can come in very handy.

The Adventure
While the arcade mode is all about making the longest run and the most points, the story mode is a adventure that takes you through assembled levels. You will meet several different characters on your way through the environments of the kingdom as well as enemies. You start as a squire doing your training, with your master knight, for becoming a knight but soon something disastrous happens and you quickly find yourself being the only hope for the kingdom. It involves a princess, a greedy-grumpy king, a big scary dragon and lots of gold, there are also some twists to it.

Power Ups
The lance is a great multi-tool for jousting, felling trees, opening gates, destroying poison mushrooms, knocking down barrel walls… but there is more. You can find 6 different power ups in the treasure chests. Each will give you a special ability for a limited time. There is the “Big Boom Cannon” Power Up that will allow you to shoot a cannonball in a size that you prefer. Or when danger is near the “Second Sight Clock” Power Up allows you to see yourself some seconds in a possible future, where you die, while slowing down time. There is also simple upgrading of power ups as well as simple perks per character.

There will be several riders, horses and lances for you to choose from. Among others a princess with a pink unicorn and a skeletal king with a skeletal horse. You can then also do customization like putting the skeleton king on the pink unicorn if you prefer.


  • A full-fledged adventure in the story mode
  • Randomly generated world in the arcade mode
  • Ragdoll physics feedback
  • Impacts deform the world
  • Dynamic weather system
  • Quests System (per character)
  • Cutting edge graphics archived with the Unreal Engine
  • 6 different fantasy environment themes
  • 6 unique power ups (with upgrades and perks)
  • Various distinct enemy’s (each with their own behaviors)
  • Customization
  • 3rd Person, First Person and Bird’s Eye view modes
  • World Mutators and Body Mutators



PC/Mac version:


On Desura

iOS version (different):

App Store




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